Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Day after day, POP bootleg are contaminating the internet more and more, and sometimes, not all the people can make differences between an authentic POP figure and the Bootleg one. I wanted to make this post for people to be aware that A LOT of bootleg Portrait Of Pirate figures are being sold more than the originals. But don't be fooled. They may be cheaper but they are also absolutely rubbish! We will make a comparison between the Genuine Ace Strong Edition and the Fake one.
The differences between both of the figure are huge, we can all easily guess what figure is bootleg when seeing the main image! Of course, the fake one is the left one! Ugly face, inferior PVC product, bad paintings, and the most visible detail is the huge deformation of the body!!!

We can see more in the photos of the bootleg:

  • First point ever: Absence of a proof of authenticity sticker! Usually, genuine figures got an authenticity sticker in the box, it can be the Toei Sticker or another equivalent one! (more about stickers in the One Piece Wiki)
  • After this, the bootleg's box is a very bad imitation, generally in light paper, wrong dimensions, and with bad impression quality like you can see in the 2 first photos (photo 1 and 2).
  • Concerning the bootleg figure itself, it's a very bad imitation too, a figure that generally don't stand well on its base (photo 6), and also that looks very strange, the quality and details of paintings are absent (photo 3), all the pieces can be available, but they are hardly can be joined together (photo 4 and 5). We can all see that the big shotgun can't be well placed in the hand (photo 3), it doesn't have the right dimensions, Ace's hat is not well measured to fit his head (photo 6), Ace's necklace is ugly, is doesn't have the same colors and is painted with only one color (photo 3).

Now I will let you appreciate the genuine Ace, how awesome he is!

Now you're warned! So be careful, when you buy figures, avoid buying cheap figures especially from Chinese eBay sellers, the most of bootlegs are from there! If you have any question or if you need to verify is one of your figures is fake or not, you can always ask us! We will answer you in the shortest time!
Good Luck.


Ayshie said...

about toei stickers, some originals also does not toei stickers. Esp American ones.

Ayshie said...

*does not have

ala21ddin21 said...

Yes, that's true! That's why I said "another equivalent one! " that means any other proof of authenticity, you can check the link we provided of the One Piece Wiki, it contains the other stickers! ;)

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