Sunday, December 20, 2009

ZOOM! Monkey D. Luffy Strong Edition

The previous One Piece Portrait of Pirates Luffy figure was sort of clownish. Megahouse's new Luffy figure is a little more serious. Gone is the goofy smile from the original POP Luffy which has been replaced by Luffy looking gritty. He's also dressed in purple and black colored garb which is reminiscent of the somber Dracule Mihawk's ensemble. Luffy's also wearing a cape like Dracule and a massive firearm is included to ensure that everyone knows that this is the "Strong Edition" of Luffy. Not the supposedly weak edition of yesteryear. (Click Read more to see photos)

Monday, November 30, 2009

ZOOM! Bartholomew Kuma

The Portrait of Pirate series has been good about representing the heroes of One Piece. The Strawhat Pirates have some pretty amazing statues that you can pick up, either based off their original designs or their new costumes from the Strong World movie that came out last year. Yet, the antagonists of the show remained woefully underrepresented until recent years and the creation of the DX line of the P.O.P.
Previous characters in the DX line include Admiral Aokiji, Hawk-Eye Mihawk, and now you can add Bartholomew Kuma to your collection. Follow me after the jump to get a peek at Senior Kuma! (Click Read more to see photos)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ZOOM! Portgas D. Ace

This is the Neo Figure of Portgas D. Ace, it's maybe not the best success of Megahouse, but it's nice to see and to have too, unfortunately, Ace's face is a little "deformed" and a little strange to look at, we hoped for a re-release with corrections and it happened twice (but in limited quantity). (Click Read more to see photos) 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ZOOM! Mr.2 Bon Kure

Mr.2 Bon Kure (alias Bentham), one of the most colorful characters of One Piece, is one of the first secondary characters in the series to have his figure from Megahouse. The character is presented with the clothes he was wearing when known as Mr.2. Bentham is a relatively tall male cross dresser who wears flamboyant ballet clothes with a swan theme. He dresses in a pink over coat and blue medieval clothes. He's a very cool and funny "guy" (or gay). This is one of the most rare figures in the POP collection!